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Ka niu ( the coconut )

lifecycle of the coconut

The cycle of the coconut. From pod to flower to da kine drupes!

coconut love

For the love of coconuts . . .

coconut palm care

Time to harvest! That's one loaded coconut palm!!

coconut palm care

Taking a moment to share a coffee with one of our property owners. Thank you Brian!

coconut meat

And a snack with another friend! Haven't found a creature yet that doesn't love the coconut!!

coconut palm care

Michael, at your service.

coconut palm care

Lowering a rack.

coconut water
coconut catering

Cheers to you!

coconut guy

Success! Time to freshen up and we'll see you soon!

keiki coconut

And back to the Aina (land) they go ... chopped up and used as ground cover around new Keiki (baby) coconuts.

keiki coconut

Our Keiki (baby) coconut nursery - Investing in the future and looking forward to many more Coconut Catering events!

"The Catered Coconut served up some of the best cocos I’ve ever tasted. Nothing like a chilled drupe after a hot sunny wedding on the beach!"

- Sebastian . Wedding guest and photographer 

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